Embrace the future with the integration of our new Technology Check out what Flixtion can do for you.

Flixtion is a Simplistic Powerful Browser Based social media video editor.

With a few simple steps, anyone can edit and re-edit their video message and share them through their favorite social media and video upload sites.

Add Message

Flixtions Many Features

Simplistic Video Editing

Browser-based video editing made easy.

Choose Background

Have an image of video for the background.

Create Elements to Animate

Add graphic elements to your Video.

Link Videos Together

Combine two or more videos together.

Add Content from User Library

Include user created elements in your video.

Change Audio Track

Provide the audio track of your choice.

Include Custom Text

Overlay a custom text message anywhere.

Save as Web Friendly Video

Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook ready videos.

and more...

For active video uploaders, the average cost works out to less than a dollar a month.
Royalties are payable to the original user who has made their videos available for re-use by of the users.
Our Backend as a Service (B-a-a-S) business model provides a revenue sharing incentive for Social Media and Video Distribution portals that integrate their own branded version of our video editor.

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All based on the same breakthrough technology.