Photograph to Animation Example

The following is a step by step example of how to convert a photograph into a vector file that can be animated.

Step I: Get a photograph. For this example, we will use the following picture of a bee.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Severino


Step II: Use Pac-n-Zoom® to segment the image with a color difference of 10 to get the following picture.

Step III: You are now ready to use BMP2SVG to convert to vector. In this example, we will use only polylines to define the borders.

BMP2SVG -spline 25000 -output-file bee_seg-10.svg bee_seg-10.bmp

Step IV: You can now load bee_seg-10.svg into your animation engine or drawing program, and your ready to render your vector. The following screen shot is from Inkscape.

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