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Rev: 0.2.0 Pac-n-Zoom® User Manual Date: 1/19/11
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Basic Steps : The basic steps of using Pac-n-Zoom shape grouper

File Syntax : Syntax for Command, Data, and Configuration Files

Golden Files : Purpose and Use
*.pzh Type 3
Application Files
Conversion Program
Golden Database
Raster File Conversion
Raster Files

Golden Files, Creation : How to create a golden file
Making the Graphic File
Running Pac-n-Zoom
Setting the Configuration File
Setting the Cluster IDs

Macros, Pac-n-Zoom : How to program Pac-n-Zoom macros
Conditional Opcodes
Macro Programming Rules
Reserved Variables
Single Stepping Pac-n-Zoom Macros

Segmentation Settings : How to set the segmenters
Manual Edge Detection Segmentation
Aggegate pixel size
Color sweep setting
Contour line examples
Eliminate transitional blobs
Near color elimination
Number of colors allowed
Orphan pixel merging color
Tier one sample settings
Tier one setting
Tier two color change examples
Tier two setting
Auto-set Threshold Segmentation
Manual Threshold Segmentation
Auto-set Edge Detection Segmentation

Technology Diagram
Master Script
Macro Documentation
Pac-n-Zoom Diagram
Raster Files
Blob Compressor
Color Segmenter
Data Tagger
Video Out

BMP2SVG User Manual

Rev: 0.0.0
Date: 10/20/10

Pac-n-Zoom Color
What Is BMP2SVG?

Process Controller User Manual

Rev: 0.0.0
Date: 5/19/10

Process Controller
Launching the Process Controller
The Socket Communication
Integrating Pac-n-Zoom with External Programs
Launching the Python Script
Debugging the Python Script
Decoder Example

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